WORD BLOCKS is a block-word-puzzle game made for the original GameBoy (but with support for the GameBoy Color!) To play it you can either download the GB ROM, or play it right here in the browser!

It was made using GBDK 2020, a framework for writing GameBoy games in C.

How to Play

The goal of WORD BLOCKS is to rotate and place letter blocks in such a way that they form 3-6 letter words. Forming longer words (at later levels) awards more points than shorter words, but of course they are more difficult to form as well. The game ends when you are forced to place a letter block in the first row of the game grid.


🢁🡻🢀🢂🢁🡻🢀🢂Navigate the menu
AWSelect menu options
🢀🢂🢀🢂Move the block
🢁🢁Hard drop the current block
🡻🡻Soft drop the current block
AWRotate the current block clockwise
BERotate the current block counter-clockwise
StartEnterNavigate game over menu & pause the game
SelectShiftConcede a round of the game


GB ROM 256 kB

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