A downloadable detective game for Windows


The year is 2505. You have just gotten hired at the UEDJ, the United Eart Department of Justice, as a crime-analyst.

Whenever you sit down to work at your shared-working-environment desk and fire up your barely functional computer, you are greeted with a bunch of files, images, audio, and text, sent to you by the police. Your job is to analyse the evidence, select the necessary ones to burn onto a single 4-10MB nano-DVD. Send the right evidence and the culprit is caught, send the wrong and he walks free or, even worse, an innocent life is ruined! 🔪

Now go out and earn that sweet 3k Credits minimum wage!

UEDJ features 2½ cases to solve, kinda okay art, pretty bad writing, and absolutely horrible music.

Game Info

The game was made using the following tools:
- LÖVE as the game framework
- Bfxr for sounds
Bosca Ceoil for "music"

Install instructions

For Windows:
Download the Windows version of the game, unzip the folder inside the archive and run the executable.

For Linux/Mac:
Download the Source Code / Linux version of the game, install LÖVE 11.1 and use it to run the .love file.

For the Source Code:
Download the Source Code / Linux version of the game. It's a .love file, which is really just a zip archive you can unzip.


UEDJ - Source Code / Linux 6 MB
UEDJ - Windows 9 MB


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Loved the idea. Will play right now!!

The very last case i cannot figure out at all. Hints please?