A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

About the Game

Trelet is set in a word where the ground is made of blocks. So far that's pretty normal - especially within the realm of platformer games - but here's the twist: the blocks have letters in them! And you can find other letter blocks and add them onto the existing ones to create new platforms to jump on!

It's a puzzle-platformer created for the Ludum Dare 45 Game Jam within the 48 hour 'Compo' time slot. If you've also participated in Ludum Dare 45, please rate my game after playing it!

How to Play

In Trelet, your goal is to reach the flag at the end of the level (yes, there's only one level, I didn't have enough time for more!) You do so by placing letters onto others to create new words that act as platforms to pave your way forward.

Keep in mind that only real words will work, and that all neighboring letters (read top-to-bottom or left-to-right) need to form ones!

Can you collect all nine Star Coins?

Some hints:

  • You can enter Edit Mode mid-jump
  • There are a lot of short words
  • Long words (5+ letters) give you extra letters

Trelet's controls in Platform Mode are pretty simple:

MoveArrow Keys or WASD
JumpW, space, or the Up Arrow
Enter Edit ModeEnter

In Edit Mode you'll need some other buttons:

Place BlockLeft Click
Change Selected BlockMouse wheel, W/S, or the Up and Down Arrows
Enter Platform ModeEnter

Additional Info

Trelet was made using the following tools:

Install instructions


  • Download .zip file
  • Extract folder contained within
  • Run 'Trelet.exe' (contained within that folder)


  • I honestly don't know, sorry...
  • Just download an run, I think?
  • There's a .app folder within a .zip file if that helps!


  • Install LÖVE
  • Download the Source Code (.love)
  • Run the .love file using LÖVE


Source Code (.love) 23 MB
macOS 28 MB
Windows 27 MB


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Mac version doesn't work.  Trelet_macOS.zip is unzipped to reveal Trelet_macOS.zip.cpgz, which in turn unzips to Trelet_macOS.zip... and so on...


Does this game support UK's English or American's English?

If I type Colour instead of Color is this a valid word? Also are they both valid which would be the most preferable?


I'm using a word list that I found online and checked real quick: both "color" and "colour" are on there (as are "neighbor" and "neighbour" - seems it's pretty consistent in allowing UK and US spellings), so you can use both variants!

As for which is preferable in-game: "color" is easier to spell, since it doesn't require you to have a "u", but "colour" is a longer word, so it would give you more points and extra letters!


May you post a link to the word-list.

I'm looking into making a text based game as well.


I'm using this list, specifically the 'words_alpha.txt' file! Good luck with your game!


thanks. <3