A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

About the Game

"A new day dawns" is a Match-3-Tower-Defense-Mashup game where during the day you manipulate the environment tiles to create defences and harvest resources, which are used fight off hordes of zombies once night falls.

This game was made for Ludum Dare 41 in only 48 hours (significantly less than that in reality).


  • left click - drag to combine tiles; interact with buttons
  • right click - remove tile (uses a turn)
  • middle mouse - show help screen
  • left control - hold to speed up (during night)

Make sure to check out the game on Ludum Dare and vote if you can!

Tools used for making this game:

Install instructions


  • Download archive
  • Unzip
  • Run executable


  • Download archive
  • ...?
  • Run the game
  • (I have no clue how macs work. Let's just hope my game runs


  • Download ".love"-file
  • Install LÖVE
  • Run "love a_new_day.love"


Windows 13 MB
Linux/Source 10 MB
macOS 15 MB


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its a great casual game. its like PVZ but really simple and free. the gameplay is unique for me. i made a video for you, hope you enjoy it!