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i honestly love the game! i've played it at least three times in one night, but i have yet to get the good ending... i don't know if i'm just horrible at it or if it's even possible to get 175 coins. i have no idea if you're still going to add more glasses because i can't seem to figure out how to get the measurement "thimbles" (i'm having a hard time getting the mana extract right) and "liquid drops" (i can't do the 10 liquid drops of milk the skeleton asks for). 

i love the concept, but it could definitely still improve. now, i don't know anything about developing games but i do know that it's a tedious process, but i could give some recommendations to improve it.


when "hard mode" is unlocked (w/c also means that "normal mode" has been finished once). i wish there was a way to skip dialogue (or at least an option to auto-play the dialogue), because like i said, i played the game at least 3 times already, and it gets boring to click on dialogue i've seen multiple times already. 


(e.g. recipes, ingredients, tools) i don't know if this is just a demo or if it's already a full game, but it would be great to have more stuff to play around with.


maybe it's just me, but i really CANNOT figure out some of the measurements (as mentioned above), so i'm missing out on some coins. it would probably defeat the purpose of the game (w/c is to figure out the how to make the recipes yourself), but a few tips on how to get the impossible (for me) measurements.


i'm honestly really confused with the mana beer order (the one that asks for 3 mana flowers). the recipe states that the 2nd and 3rd step has to be repeated, so do i repeat those steps until i there are 3 mana flowers in total, or do i put 3 mana flowers immediately, then another 3?

another problem i have with this recipe is "to a total cooking time of 1 tock." does that mean i heat the drink for 1 more tock, or do i heat it until the total time i heated it (the ticks before the last step + the ticks on the last step) reaches 1 tock? i don't know if i explained that well, but i hope you understand.

don't get me wrong, i ADORE the game. the graphics are so cute, the dialogue is cute and funny, the recipes and orders make my brain work, the soundtrack is beautiful (and i love that each customer has their own 'sfx'). most of my recommendations are honestly just nitpicks, but i also honestly think that they could improve your already well-made game. i hope you take these into consideration! i'm really interested in what may come in the future!


Your comment means a lot to me and I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! To answer your question: the game (although it works as a standalone game) is just a demo. I definitely agree with your points and if I do get to work on this project again in the future I'll definitely keep them in mind!

Thank you so much for all the time you put into playing and writing your comment! ❤


hey! this game is so cute!! i love it a lot but I'm having trouble making the drinks especially with measurements. Is it math based or is there supposed to be another measurement that I haven't found? I'm having particular problems figuring out how to do "thimbles" :/ 

Unfortunately the game didn't work for me.

I have a Mac: I downloaded the game and unzipped the file, but then a message popped up saying "PotionGame is damaged and can't be opened". 

I'm just a little bit sad, the game looks really cool and cute and I wanted to give it a try :( 

(I don't know how many Mac players will download this usually it's not that much, but since I am one myself I thought it would be helpful to let you know this - also, I don't know if you will ever fix it but either way keep up with the good work!)

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I really like the pixel art and the game concept but I was compleatly lost at first because I tried to put the bucket of water into the measuring cup and not the other way around.

A tutorial might be nesesary for the first potion or at least a in-game help page to explaine the basics.

This is a bit of a nitpick but I found the voice-sound effect  a bit to monotone. 

But once I understood how the controls worked I started to enjoy the game. It remindes me a bit of VA-11 HALL-A which will always be a complimet and I hope to see more from this demo/prototyp.

Also, I like that the liquide moves when you move the full cup, it's a really nice detail.

it did not let me give the Drink

Hey, I'm sorry the game didn't work for you!

I'm not entirely sure what exactly your situation is or what you've tried doing, but generally, in order to give something to a customer, just put it in front of them and ring the "order-ready-bell" (right click).